National negotiating success for Aberdeen law students

The University of Aberdeen has retained the top title in a national competition that sees the cream of Scotland's student legal talent go head to head in a negotiation showdown.

University part of UK-Japanese research collaboration to address COVID-19 challenges

The University of Aberdeen is one of only two Scottish institutions selected to drive research into the challenges presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic as part of an extensive UK-Japanese collaboration.

Clearest genetic signals yet for schizophrenia risk revealed through landmark study

Scientists from the University of Aberdeen have participated in large genetic studies that have pinpointed genes and biological mechanisms that home in on the root causes of schizophrenia.

The Conversation

The Conversation

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Understanding artificial intelligence using Netflix, Amazon and a slice of pizza

Have you ever bought something from Amazon? Used Google maps to get to your favourite restaurant? Watched a movie Netflix recommended? If so, you have interacted with Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Yes, that’s right. AI isn’t just robots and lousy chatbots.   Simply put, AI is a ‘technology that exhibits human-like intelligence’. ...

Letting Open Access bloom: a bright future for research publishing

In previous blog posts, I have discussed the value of open research, the reasons behind its complexity, and the importance of retaining rights over our research outputs. In this final post of my short series, I look to the future, with an optimism that seems appropriate to the time of...

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots: The benefits and challenges of an increasing trend

Professor Donald Hislop, from the University of Aberdeen Business School, and Dr. Luciana Blaha, from Heriot-Watt University, write about their research which has investigated how people interact with chatbots, and the many questions that still need to be answered if the use of this embryonic technology is to become widespread.   One...


Information following the EU Referendum.

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